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Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san Bahasa Indonesia

Download full batch Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san, Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san bahasa indonesia dan inggris, Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san rar zip, download Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san eng indo at Kumpul Manga.
Status: Completed Author: Released: Feb 8, 2016 Type: Posted by: redberry6 Released on: Updated on:
Download Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san English or Indonesia Language Free on Kumpul Manga. Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san on Kumpul Manga.
This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

Synopsis Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

Kogarashi Fuyuzora has been haunted by the supernatural since birth, which possesses him at every opportunity. This eventually led to him being thrown out of his apartment and starting a vagrant life as an exorcist. One day, he discovers the Yuragi Manor, a boarding house with suspiciously cheap rent. Formerly a hot springs inn, legend has it that a student’s body was found there, which has haunted it ever since. Eager to have a roof to live under and exorcise ghosts in the meantime, Kogarashi begins his stay at the manor.

While relaxing in the hot springs, Kogarashi happens to encounter this rumored ghost. However, as he prepares to exorcise it, the malevolent ghost turns out to be a charming silver-haired girl! Having no intention to harm her, Kogarashi decides to help the ghost—who he learns is called Yuuna—discover her regrets so she can move on to the afterlife before she turns into an evil spirit.

Thus begins Kogarashi’s life in Yuragi Manor. Accompanied by its peculiar residents and a beautiful ghost, he endeavors to help Yuuna find peace before it is too late.

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  1. bronet says:

    min kenap semua list jadulnya di ilangin apalagi yang complete list?

    1. redberry6 says:

      link udah mati semua gan, jadi dari awal lagi

  2. warLord says:

    GOKIL!!! penantian selama 11 bulan vakum akhirnya aktif lagi

    1. Reza says:

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  3. SaintId says:

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  4. Yato says:

    Chapter 206 nya kosong

  5. gilang says:

    youjo senki nya kakak

  6. kurogane says:

    Min ini sub indo kan?

  7. Kumpul Kebo says:

    batch chapter 1-20 isinya parah banget, gak ada satu chapterpun yg isinya full, ada yg isinya 8 halaman, 3 halaman malah ada yg cuma 1 halaman di satu chapter. emang gak dicek dulu sebelum dibatch min ?
    entah batch chapter lainnya kayak gitu juga atau enggak soalnya baru download chapter 1-20 doang udah gitu isinya, tolong dibenerin min !!!

    1. redberry6 says:

      oke segera direupload

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