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Detective Conan Bahasa Indonesia

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名探偵 コナン
Status: Ongoing Author: Released: Jan 5, 1994 Type: Posted by: redberry6 Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Detective Conan

Hailed as the savior of the Japanese Police Department, high school detective Shinichi Kudou uses a combination of observational skills, critical thinking, and all-around knowledge to solve cases that leave the police stumped.

One day, while at an outing with childhood friend Ran Mouri, Shinichi bears witness to a suspicious transaction between two men and is caught. As a result, he is forced to ingest a poison that is supposed to kill him, but unexpectedly shrinks his body to the size of a grade-schooler instead. Now believed to be dead, Shinichi takes up the alias of Conan Edogawa (a compound of the names of the famous mystery authors Arthur Conan Doyle and Ranpo Edogawa) in order to hide his identity and begins his new life as a seven-year-old living with Ran and her private detective father.

Gallery Detective Conan Bahasa Indonesia

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Bahasa Indonesia

Volume 01-10
Volume 11-20
Volume 21-30
Volume 31-40
Volume 41-50
Volume 51-60
Volume 61-70
Volume 71-80
Volume 81-87
Volume 88-90
Volume 91
Volume 92
Volume 93
Volume 94
Volume 95
Volume 96 (1015-1025)
Volume 97 (1026-1036)
Volume 98 (1037-1047)


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